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B Pilates Studio Policies

Membership Month: A membership month/billing cycle is defined as the date of purchase (billing date) to the same date of the following month (e.g., June 15th - July 15th) and not a calendar month.


Booking Window: Clients may book a group class up to one (1) hour before the class, at which stage the booking window closes. Appointments (private sessions/duets/trios) may be booked up to 24 hours in advance, at which stage the booking window closes. Please call/text the studio at 512-587-0423 to check availability within those booking windows.

Waitlists: A client may sign up for the waitlist up to one (1) hour before a class, and then the waitlist booking window closes. Clients should not sign up for the waitlist unless they know they can attend the class because if they are admitted to the class and do not attend, it will be considered a late cancellation, and the class/session will be deducted from their account as if they attended. Mindbody Online will send the client notification via text and email if a spot opens up and the client has been admitted to the class. A notification will not be sent if this happens within one (1) hour of the class start time. If a spot opens up within one (1) hour of the class start time, the studio may contact the waitlist via phone/text to inform the waitlist person that a spot has opened up, but they are not obligated to take the spot.

Rollovers: Month to Month members may book classes/sessions for the current membership month/billing cycle. They may also book classes/sessions in the next membership month/billing cycle if there are rollovers available. Unused classes/sessions for month to month members will roll over and be available for use in the next billing cycle/membership month only and will not roll over indefinitely. Members with 12 Month memberships can book for the entire 12 Months, and unused sessions will be available until the end of the 12 Month term.

Upgrades/Downgrades: A member may upgrade membership from the next billing date of a Month to Month membership. Any unused classes/sessions in a Month to Month membership will not roll over to the new upgraded membership. A member with a 12 Month membership may upgrade at the next billing date but will start a new 12-month term. Any unused classes/sessions in a 12 Month membership will not roll over to the upgraded membership. Month to Month members may downgrade a membership at the next billing date. Any unused classes/sessions will not roll over to the next downgraded Month to Month membership. A12 Month membership cannot be terminated early to downgrade and can only be downgraded at the end of the 12-month term. Any unused classes/sessions will not roll over to the next downgraded12 Month membership.

Member discounts: A member gets 15% off the single session rate for any additional service. This is automatically calculated at checkout.

Same Day Switch: If a client is signed up for a class and wants to switch to another class on the same day (and a spot is available), they are welcome to do so without penalty, regardless of who is teaching the class. If the client wants to move an appointment time on the same day for the same service with the same instructor and the instructor is available at the preferred time, the appointment can be switched without penalty. If the appointment switches to a different instructor, the original appointment is considered a late cancellation and a new appointment is booked. These switches may only be made by contacting the studio directly (call/text 512-587-0423) and not via the app or contacting the instructor directly.

Expiration Dates: Intro Packages expire two (2) weeks from the date of the first session (not the date of purchase). Single sessions/classes will expire 30 days from the date of purchase. 5 Packs expire 60 days from the date of purchase. Custom packages/special sale packages expire on the date indicated. No refunds are issued on expired classes/sessions.

Termination: Please inform us at least 30 days prior to the next scheduled billing date when you wish to cancel your membership; terminations are only done on billing dates. Any payments made will not be refunded, and unused classes/sessions will no longer be available for use past the membership termination date. Please note that if you violate any of the terms of this Agreement, B Pilates may terminate this Agreement effective immediately, and you will not be entitled to any refunds or any continued working relationship with B Pilates.

Early Termination: Early termination of a 12-month Agreement will result in a termination charge equal to 50% of the remaining Payments.

Membership Pause: Should a serious medical condition (i.e., cancer) preclude a member from attending classes/sessions, we will cancel the contract with effect from the next billing date with a minimum of two (2) business days notice.  Any unused classes will not be refunded but may be held in a value based credit for one (1) year after the date of issuance. We offer a membership pause to 12-month members with serious medical conditions involving hospitalization, surgery or other prolonged illness documented by a medical professional. The pause will start from the next billing date (with a minimum of two (2) business days notice). The pause will be offered for one (1) month at a time, not exceeding two (2) months. Payments will continue as normal and the length of the pause will be added to the end of the contract so that the client has time to make up missed classes/sessions. Under the same circumstances, a Month to Month member will be permitted to terminate the membership from the next billing date with two (2) business days notice. Any unused classes/sessions will be held in value based credit for one (1) year from the date of issue, and available to the member when they are fit to return. All holds/pauses must be requested in writing by emailing B Pilates reserves the right to ask for documentation by a medical professional to verify serious medical conditions.

Distance Termination: If a member moves 50 miles or more from the studio, they may cancel at the end of the current billing cycle, with two (2) business days' notice before the next billing date. Members on a 12-Month Membership will be charged half of the remaining balance in accordance with the contract. B Pilates reserves the right to request documentation to verify the move. Requests to terminate membership must be made in writing by emailing

Unused Classes: Any unused classes or sessions will be forfeited after the term of the contract. 

COVID-19 / Infectious Disease. Amidst the current developments surrounding communicable diseases, you acknowledge that every time you participate in any of the Membership activities, you are affirming that you are healthy and that you do not present an increased risk due to COVID-19 or other infectious diseases. If you are suffering from symptoms of a communicable disease or are unsure of your health and ability to partake in studio activities, please consult with your doctor and we urge you not to visit our studios or facilities. Regular cancellation policies apply for cancellations due to COVID-19 or infectious diseases. B Pilates follows guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control ( and local ordinances issued by the City of Austin and Austin Public Health regarding the use of masks or other protective gear, social distancing and hygiene practices.

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