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Which Intro Offer is Right for You?

Are you brand new to Pilates and looking to explore or are you a seasoned Pilates vet new to B Pilates?  We offer two Intro Offers to meet you where you are!

Pilates Novice Intro Package - $199

This package is perfect for those new to Pilates equipment training or who are recovering from injury. It includes 3 private sessions scheduled within 2 weeks, starting on the date of your 1st session.⁠

  • Get personal one-on-one time with one of our expert instructors using the equipment in the studio to see if Pilates is right for you. ⁠

  • 3 Private Sessions in 2 weeks

  • Starts on date of 1st session

Pilates Veteran Re-Intro Package - $129

This package is designed for clients who have experience with Pilates equipment training and are either new to our studio (or have been absent for 3 months or more) or want to get re-acquainted with Pilates.

  • Get a personalized session and check out our group classes to get a taste of what B Pilates has to offer!

  • 1 Private Session + 2 Group Classes in 2 weeks

  • Starts on date of 1st class or session

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

Please reach out to us using the button below and our team will be in touch to find the best Intro Offer for you!

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